For online shoppers, getting your neatly packaged goods on time is an absolute necessity. Once you’ve added an item to your shopping cart, you want to feel it, hold it, and try it on. Stat.

To give retailers a competitive edge, Shopify announced a partnership today that promises to cut shipping time anywhere from a half to a third. Shopify, a website used by thousands of retailers to build and launch their online store, is integrating with ShipStation, a web-based shipping solution.

“This partnership not only introduces ShipStation to a whole new set of retailers looking for a better shipping solution, but it also offers a new, online retailing option to our current customers,” said Byron Wier, cofounder of ShipStation.

Austin, TX-based ShipStation specializes in order import, batch label creation and returns management software. The startup has also integrated with e-commerce giants, like eBay and Amazon, and processes over 1 million shipping labels each month for over 2,000 online retail stores.

This announcement is one of a recent spate of integrations for Shopify. The company, which competes with Magento and BigCommerce, also teamed up with Stitch Labs, a cloud-based solution for small and medium sized business to manage inventory and orders.

Retailers, this is not a free service. ShipStation is offering a 30 day trial, but after that, it will set you back anywhere from $25 to $145 per month depending on the volume of orders.

Image via Shutterstock