Apple has introduced a new connector for the iPhone 5 called Lightning, a much smaller device that will complement the Thunderbolt port on Macs in name and speed.

Lightning includes an all-digital 8-signal design, adaptive interface, more durability, and is 80 percent smaller than the current connector.

But what if you already have a ton of older connector cables lying around? Apple will offer Lightning accessories and adapters that can connect with your old connectors.

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Lightning is alternately good and bad for Apple fans. On the plus side, it looks pretty cool and is much smaller and more durable. But on the downside, I have several connector cords that I’ll have to buy adapters for if I choose to get the iPhone 5.

Adapters will cost $29 or $39, depending if you want a cord attached to it. A straight-up Lightning-to-USB cable is also for sale now for $19.

Photo via The Verge