It is Utility Analytics Week in Arlington Texas, a three day conference dedicated to [surprise] analytics for utilities.

This morning at the event, Space-Time Insight announced its second round of funding of $14 million. Space-TIme Insight use geospatial and visual analytic technology to help businesses interpret their energy and utility data.

Large companies have to deal with managing and monitoring resources from a number of sources. Space-Time Insight attempts to harness all that information and provide the tools to deal with problems as they arise.

It offers suites for Situational Intelligence utilities, like smart meters and grids, as well as for oil and gas, telecom, and transportation. The solutions look at how pieces of infrastructure is functioning and how this impacts the business. Customers include big, regional power and energy companies.

EnerTech Capital, Novus Energy Partners, and ClearSky Power & Technology threw in for this round, as did previous investor Opus Capital Ventures and Start Up Farms International. This brings the company’s total funding to $23 million. The Series A was raised in 2009.

Space-Time Insight is based in Fremont, CA.