Sunglass, a GitHub-like platform for 3D design, is exiting the cold caves of beta.

Built around collaboration, Sunglass allows designers to work together on projects in real-time via the cloud. Unlike with software-based design programs, this is done via the web browser, which means Sunglass is powerful while still being lightweight.

“Our long-term hope is to be the Github of 3D,” co-founder Nitin Rao told VentureBeat in June.

With exit from beta, Sunglass has added a number of key features to take that collaboration a step further. For one, Sunglass now allows users to check the revision histories of projects, which is a big deal when a lot of designers are working on the same thing simultaneously.

Another notable addition is the ability to selectively control access to certain components of a project. This will allow project managers to keep the larger projects secret even while dishing out individual parts to designers.

Further, Sunglass now offers a web-based design gallery, which the company says will be ideal for situations when clients would like to check in on the progress of their projects.

Also key are more integrated plug-ins, which allow Sunglass users to work on their projects alongside desktop-based programs like Softworks and Autodesk Inventor. This is a big deal because it reduces the chances that designers will avoid using Sunglass because of incompatibility with what they are already working on.

Founded last May, the San Francisco-based Sunglass has so far raised $1.8 million in seed funding.

Photo: Flickr/WhiteAfrican