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Whether you are a successful business man or woman, or an entrepreneur getting ready to take the plunge, we have the perfect read for you. It will be your first wise business decision: Paying zilch for a $25 e-book. By reading this book, you’ll gain insight from Steve Blank, a former Silicon Valley-based serial entrepreneur and current professor at UC Berkeley, Stanford, and Columbia. His credentials are extraordinary, due in large part to his mastery of customer development. His four-step framework is the ideal customer development strategy that helped him drive eight tech startups to success; a framework that is highlighted in this free E-book from

At it’s roots, Customer Development is essentially a scientific approach to understanding your core business assumptions. One reason a vast majority of entrepreneurs fail is their inability to recognize and scale successful business practices. Innovative ideas and strategies can be a gold mine, but playing the lottery can be as well. The odds are already stacked against you as an entrepreneur. Customer Development is the perfect tool to act as a checks and balance system to ensure your business decisions don’t escape your core goal of producing a lucrative business.

The beauty of this strategy is how applicable it is regardless of where your business stands today. You can experience success without external validation, but your chances of sustaining success with an inward eye is similar to how successful you would be driving a car solely focusing your feet pushing the pedals and your hands turning the wheel. Don’t continue down an ill-advised road slowly veering off the path, use customer development to reassure your business heading in a viable direction.

This comprehensive “cheat sheet” will teach you all of the steps necessary to pivot toward startup success. Entrepreneurs are a dime a dozen. Who knows how many ingenius ideas are out there waiting to be discovered? What we do know is the countless pitfalls to avoid and basic principles that result in success. Read up on interviews and case studies with successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs/founders alike. Mimic successful strategies and avoid unprofitable ones.

Thousands of startup founders, product managers, marketers, angel investors and venture capitalists have read the CustDev Book. Now you can too, FOR FREE!

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