Every time I get off a plane, I wish I could teleport to my final destination. After spending hours in transit, the last thing I want to deal with is more transit, but unless there is a generous family member awaiting my arrival, ground transportation is the only available option.

Travel startup Mozio is attempting to make this leg of the journey less painful. The site aggregates all the limos, taxis, ride shares, shuttles, shared vans, and public transit to help travelers go the “final miles.” The best choice for getting from terminal to destination (or vice versa) is often confusing, particularly when touching down in a new place. Cost, timing, convenience, and comfort all need to be factored in.

“No one lives or vacations at airports. Yet travel search engines seem to always neglect the fact that one actually needs to get into the city once you land,” said CEO and founder David Litwak. “Getting to airports on your own can be the most expensive, take the longest, and cause the most stress out of any other part of the trip. For a quick flight from D.C. to New York, getting to and from the airport can take as much as 50% of the cost and time of the entire journey!”

Litwak has traveled to 65 counties, and this was a frustration he repeatedly encountered during his adventures. Booking a flight online did not include all the incurred transportation costs, and researching this independently took a needless amount of effort. After graduating from Berkeley in 2010 with a computer science degree and working for a few technology companies, he founded Mozio.

The technology works through the APIs of participating ground transportation providers. Mozio partners with these companies to include their offerings in the search engine. The team also seeks out local providers to give the most comprehensive picture of the transportation in each location.

“Our belief is that most people want to know all their options in a city,” Litwak said. “If a particular option in a city happens to be the best, they want to know about it, and this changes city by city, and region by region. Some regions have airporters that will get you very close to your destination for only a few extra dollars. Some cities have taxi fares that are super low, like Chicago, and others have trendy tech startups like SideCar that offer a cheap way to get a personalized ride to the airport. The equation is different in every city.”

The company is still new and building out its partnership network as well as working on its API. It has already generated interest from companies like TripAdvisor and Orbitz. Mozio has raised $185,000 in startup capital from Chairman of Orbitz Jeff Clarke, as well as Ryan Tu, Bradley Schwartz, and Amidzad Partners. The team of three is based on San Francisco.