The internet has woven instant gratification into the fabric of American existence. With just a finger tap, anything can be delivered to your door. Shared economy startups are cropping up left and right, filling the streets with Postmates, TaskRabbits, Execs, and Uber drivers ready to respond to our beck and calls.

Another startup launched today, backed by venture funding, to match individuals with needs to people eager to fulfill them. Rewarder is a social marketplace where people can solicit advice, expertise and resources from the community in exchange for rewards. It essentially gamifies the now familiar shared economy platform.

On Rewarder, users post requests for anything from crafting a customized diet plan to finding a rare collectible item. They also offer financial incentives, and members have the opportunity to respond and win money. It differentiates itself from the errand-centric sites mentioned above, which focus on local and time sensitive tasks.

“One of the reasons we are so excited about Rewarder is that it recognizes the unique knowledge and expertise each person has and rewards them for sharing it to help others,” said Kendall Fargo, Rewarder founder and CEO in a statement. “We believe that by mapping the world’s expertise, Rewarder will offer a more personally meaningful e-commerce experience.”

While in beta, Rewarder has acquired more than 100,000 active users that have posted $10 million in collective rewards. Now it is available to the public, so anyone can search for a specific item of clothing, for ask of help finding a job on a cruise ship.

Its early traction helped Rewarder secure $7 million in its first round of funding. The investment was led by Granite Ventures and Radar Partners and includes participation from angels Ron Conway, David Lee, and Kenny Lerer.

The team is based in San Francisco.