This sponsored post is produced by has been featured on, killerstartups,, and was recently selected as a Top 3 winner at the UK’s Largest Investment Competition. is one of the most exciting up and coming sites out there. Both a website and iPhone application, which recently emerged from beta, amirite invites users to post an opinion about absolutely anything. Discussions range from the serious and political to the funny and bizarre. is new and innovative and something unique, which many new sites of this nature lack. It differs from Facebook and Twitter type sites in the sense that opinions are voiced straight to the world while at the same time people can build strong tight -knit communities and form long-term friendships with a variety of people. Amirite will also overtime be ‘the’ platform for market research. The site’s recent integration with social networks will enable its userbase to grow rapidly.

When asked what they like about the website, the community of users was the number one answer from respondents. People use to chat with friends, relax and have both fun and serious debates. The website fulfils an intrinsic human need for validation and the users will spend hours on the site looking to be proven ‘rite’.

Currently there are over 2 million unique visitors per month and over 3 million pageviews per month. With the number of members at around 30,000, this number is growing exponentially. There are currently over 700,000 posts, 2 million comments and over a billion votes. There are thousands of comments on saying amirite will be the next Twitter and we agree it has the potential. This unknown gem of the internet is set to grow rapidly over the next five years.

The users of are predominantly in the 16-35 age range and are 60% female.

There are currently four different ‘versions’ of amirite. All display the same content but are targeted at different devices:

The site was completely custom written from the ground up by an experienced team based in London. It is the product of extensive work over 3 years and is completely tailored to the purpose. New and exciting features are implemented all the time and a major feature upgrade will be launched by the end of this year which will extend the scope of to incorporate even more new and exciting features.

On there is the concept of the ‘Home Page’ and the ‘Just In’ page. When an opinion is posted it becomes immediately visible on the Just In page (as well as on the profile of the user who posted it, in any Topics it was added to and in the search). Users have the option to vote for a post to be on the home page. If a post reaches a configurable number of home page votes it goes into a queue to appear on the home page. A post selected to be a Post of the day or POTD is highly sort after and many users strive to achieve this. If selected their opinion can be broadcast to millions of people all of the world and even be quoted by news agencies, and websites. Who wouldn’t want to be ‘rite’?

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