Roambi, the Sequoia-Capital-backed data visualization app from MeLLmo, has seen considerable growth this year with new customer wins and adoption by 20 percent of the Fortune 50, the company announced Tuesday.

As we’ve written before, Roambi continues to be one of the hottest business-focused apps for iOS devices. The company’s Roambi Flow and Roambi Analytics apps have attracted more than 600,000 downloads to date, and 132 new enterprise-level clients have signed up this year. (At $795 per user licence, enterprise customers can bring in big bucks.) MeLLmo claims that eight of the top 10 largest pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the world are Roambi users.

Quinton Alsbury, MeLLmo’s president of product innovation, told VentureBeat that the company now has more than 300 large enterprise customers and more than 6,000 mid-size customers using its Pro offering. Comparatively, in May, the company had more than 230 large enterprise customers and more than 4,000 customers overall. Some of Roambi’s biggest customers are Siemens, the Dallas Cowboys, ABB, Telstra, Henkel, Sydney Airport, and DBRS.

“By all accounts, our growth trends continue alongside the enterprise quickly adopting iPads and iPhones,” Alsbury said. “With the iPad mini now launched, we expect even faster adoption. The reduced price tag will make it attractive to roll out to large salesforces, as an example.”

Another big recent win for MeLLmo is bringing South Africa to the table as a client. The South African government will use a custom Roambi app to help display and make sense of the country’s 2011 census results. The 2011 census was the third of its kind conducted by the democratic South African government.

MeLLmo partnered with Dataways, a South African technology firm, and Statistics South Africa to create the app for drilling down into huge sets of census data. “Roambi is what the field of statistics has been waiting for, to make our output meaningful, accessible, and enjoyable to all,” Statistician-General Pali Lehohla of Statistics South Africa said in a statement.

San Diego, Calif-based MeLLmo has raised $50 million from investors including Sequoia Capital. The company has its European headquaters in London, with satellite offices in Germany and France, and has small operational teams in Shanghai, Los Angeles, and New York. Roambi is available in 11 languages.