As a kid, I loved to fill out customer surveys. I would drive my mother crazy by agonizing over the questions and whether to award a business 3 or 4 stars. The days of paper questionnaires may be long gone, but there are companies digitalizing the process so online businesses can receive feedback as well.

WebEngage is a Mumbai-based startup that enables companies to gather customer insight and promote user engagement. It has launched a completely redesigned site and announced raising over $500K in seed funding.

The technology powers the delivery of questionnaires to specific audiences. Using the software, companies can build their own feedback and support forms and embed them on their site. They can then filter which visitors they would like to target with these surveys, for example people coming from a Google search or someone who spent at least a minute on a page. All the collected data is turned into actionable analytic reports.

WebEngage clients can also create filters for push notifications. They dictate certain parameters, such as repeat visitors or users in the shopping cart drop-off phase, and these people will receive targeted messages. The service is implemented through a Javascript API.

Over the past year, the company has added 4200 customers from around the world. The investors include GTI Capital, Indian Angel Network, and Blume Ventures, Rajan Anandan and Jonathan Schulhof. WebEngage is currently a team of six.