With the sheer volume of new submissions hitting community news sharing site Reddit everyday, it’s hard to keep up with them if you don’t have lots of free time. This is especially true if you think Reddit’s front page looks like an overwhelming wall of blue text.

Reddzine, a free iPad app, could be a good solution for people who want to quickly scroll through the site’s front page or favorite subreddits (aka sub-category pages).

The app displays all the submissions, sorted by what’s hot, new, controversial, or top, within a 3- or 4-column design. For image-heavy subreddits like Aww, Pics, or Funny, the layout really shines as a way to quickly scroll through to find the good stuff. There is a “safe for work” mode that protects you from inappropriate submissions.

“Rather than staring at tiny thumbnails and constantly clicking through to view images and open links etc, I thought a more visual interface would be a nicer approach,” Reddzine developer Steve James told VentureBeat. He also noted that the app is likely to get compared with popular Reddit clients like Alien Blue.

“Alien Blue has its ‘Canvas; mode, and there are other apps such as Reddit Pics, but these apps only support browsing images in this way,” he said. “The idea for Reddzine was to support all types of content posted on Reddit (images, albums, videos, links and text), presenting them in a magazine-style interface, with large thumbnails and everything integrated into a single page app.”

Selecting a submission brings up a new window that zooms in on the content. Reddzine is integrated with Imgur, and photo gallery submissions are displayed accordingly. You can also access the comment section from this window, which allows you to vote, save, or share the story after logging into your account.

Yet, you can’t gain access to the comment unless you pay to the pro version of Reddzine, which is a $2.99 in-app purchase. Half of Reddit is reading and making comments, and without access to this functionality, the standard Reddzine app is very limited. There are a few things to note before upgrading to pro, too. First, you can’t get a custom “front page” that only includes submissions from the subreddits you’re subscribed to. You only have the option of choosing “All,” which is essentially what you’d see if you didn’t log in to Reddit’s website. The app also doesn’t have a landscape mode, which may bother some users who prefer the wider orientation when scrolling through news.

However, James tells me all of the aforementioned functionality requests are in the works. The 30-year-old England-based freelance developer is the sole creator of Reddzine, but fans of the app can look forward to new features like a landscape mode and Reddit user profile support in future updates.

For a closer look at the app, check out the gallery of screenshots below.