On Halloween, I opted not to go the obvious holiday route. However, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays and I will take any excuse to post a picture of dog in costume. There are more connections between Thanksgiving and funding news than you may think, however. Entrepreneurs are in many ways like pilgrims. They work in unchartered territory, make the most of limited resources, and when their efforts pay off, they payoff big. Tomorrow, may everyone in the technology community (and beyond)have something to be thankful for, whether it be mentorship, innovation, or millions.

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Time Warner dropping $40M on YouTube channel partner Maker Studios

Popular video production company Maker Studios is apparently raising a new round of funding led by old media entertainment company Time Warner, according to AllThingsD. Maker Studios does online video production that can be found on YouTube. It’s video partners have over 80 million subscribers and 1 billion monthly views across more than 1,000 channels. Time Warner Investments is said to contribute $40 million to the round, which could reach a total of $150 million at a $200 million valuation. Read more on VentureBeat.

McClure’s 500 Startups taking over the world

Silicon Valley hotdog Dave McClure and his incubator, 500 Startups, are looking to the Indian subcontinent and Mexico for new waves of global entrepreneurship, according to recently filed Form Ds. McClure filed with the SEC to form two new, $5 million limited partnership VC funds called 500 StartupWallah and 500 luchadores respectively. These new pools are part of McClure’s recent interest in funding startups in emerging markets and even struggling economies. Read more on VentureBeat.

Chimmi Chimmi Chango, Chimmi Chimmi real-time ads, Chimmi Chimmi $12M

Chango has raised $12 million for its “Programmatic Marketing Platform” that manages real-time, data-driven advertising. Real-time ads are hot in the marketing world right now, and Chango’s framework analyzes data to help businesses hit the right audience at the right time. Clients include large brands and agencies, including 55 of the top 500 retailers. WIth this investment, it will launch Programmatic Site Retargeting to expand its product offerings, as well as enter international markets and expand the staff. iNovia Capital threw in for this round along with Rho Canada Ventures, Metamoprhic Ventures, Mantella Venture Partners, and Extreme Venture Partners.

BiNu gives super powers to plain old mobile phones in the cloud

Australian startup biNu closed a $4.3 million deal for its “mobile social platform” which brings the capabilities of high end smartphones to lesser devices by imbuing them with social features. No longer relegated to only texting, biNu users have the powers of content sharing, friends and following, downloads, services, and games. The company has millions of users worldwide, a majority in emerging economies where mobile phones are the primary source of internet access. The money came from 500 Startups and Australian angel investors, and marks the first investment from the PanAfrican Investment Co.

Proterra snags $23 million to clean up the transportation industry and the atmopshere

Apparently, the US only has one battery-electric bus manufacturer, and it has secured $24 million from Hennesey Capital, NMT Capital, Kleiner Perkins, GM Ventures, Mitsui & Co., 88 Green Ventures and Vision Ridge Partners. The company is called Proterra, and it makes clean technology that enables zero-emission transportation solutions. As cities are increasingly interested in going green, the demand for Proterra’s EcoRide product has risen and investors are opening their wallets in response.

Cleeng builds wall around digital content, dirt, and aliens 

When you said Cleeng out loud, it sounds like “clean” and “klingon” put together. The startup has nothing to do with either, however. Cleeng’s technology builds paywalls and access gateways for media companies that want to monetize their digital content. Publishers can use the platform to protect and charge for writing, videos, images, and more. Clients include Conde Nast, Epicurious, the LA Tribute, LeJournalduNet. Cleeng is based in Amsterdam and this round was led by former European Apple executive Pascal Cagni and a group of angel investors.

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