CloudOn showing Office documents on an iPad

We’ve added a new speaker to the CloudBeat 2012 lineup: CloudOn.

CloudOn, which is a sponsor of CloudBeat 2012, is an interesting company with truly impressive growth stats. It provides an app for tablet and smartphone users to create, edit, and collaborate on Microsoft Office documents — all from the cloud, and without the need for an Office license.

Thanks in part to its impressive value proposition — realtime collaboration, on tablets, using industry-standard Office files, such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations — CloudOn has racked up 2 million users in 10 months. That’s an almost unheard-of growth rate.

I’ll be moderating a fireside discussion with CloudOn’s founder and chief executive, Milind Gadekar, tomorrow afternoon at 4:30. I’m looking forward to chatting with him about CloudOn’s growth, how mobile devices are fueling the need for more sophisticated cloud services, and how tablets are rapidly becoming productivity tools, thanks to the growth of mobile-friendly cloud technologies.

Here’s the session description. Check out the CloudBeat 2012 agenda for the full schedule today and tomorrow. And it’s not too late to register to attend CloudBeat.

Productivity: The Coming Cloud Revolution

Microsoft and Google have embraced the cloud to offer their respective productivity solutions, albeit optimized for a PC experience. The future of cloud-based productivity needs to build on an open federated storage model, optimized for mobile devices and a group productivity environment. Milind Gadekar, CEO/co-founder of CloudOn, will discuss their initial success as they build such a solution.