Shoutlet is putting the $15 million it raised in June to good use.

The company announced today the latest version of its social marketing platform, which promises to make the lives of marketers significantly easier.

Chief among the platform’s new features is integration with Facebook’s social ad platform, which allows marketers to create and manage their Facebook page posts from a single hub. To bring some of these features, Shoutlet is partnering with ad tech company Kenshoo, whose Social platform gives marketers tons more insight into their traffic and sales conversions.

Shoutlet has also added some more robust integration with analytics tools from Google and Omniture, which marketers can use to cross-reference traffic numbers across multiple data sources. Alongside that, Shoutlet is also adding some pretty robust social listening tools — valuable additions for marketers looking to hear what the world is saying about their brands.

But the feature Shoultlet CEO Jason Weaver says he’s most excited about is Shoultlet’s contest tool, which he says is the best in the market. With the tool, marketers can now run an unlimited number of contests, tailoring each one to the age, location, or language of participants.

Unsurprisingly, Weaver says at the core of Shoutlet 6.0 is integration. “We’ve noticed that a lot of our clients are still struggling to understand how their various tools work together. Things are still very fragmented,” he told VentureBeat.

That, he says, is where the value proposition of Shoutlet comes in. By codifying all the social media marketer’s tools in one integrated package, Shoutlet aims to make the whole job significantly simpler. “Our goal still is to make a beautifully integrated platform ” Weaver said.