You may know Outbrain from the bottom of posts like this one, where the company recommends content to you from across the web.

While recommendation has been Outbrain’s bread-and-butter since the beginning, with its purchase of Scribit (no, not Scribd), Outbrain is expanding to new territory: Content curation.

Scribit allows brands to curate long form content from various sites and host it on their own sites. Essentially, it allows any brand to be a content creator — even if doesn’t create content itself. It also gives actual content creators another way to ensure that people read their work.

And that’s where Outbrain steps in. By nabbing a content curator, Outbrain is extending its product portfolio even further, offering brands yet another way to increase their marketing depth and giving publishers another revenue stream.

Sounds like a perfect fit, right? Gilad De Vries, Outbrain’s strategy vice president, agrees: “We sit an interesting junction between brands and publishers,which is why this makes so much sense for us. It’s a perfect match,” he said in an interview with VentureBeat.

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