cloudbeat1When is the right time for a cloud computing or “big data” startup to bring on a full enterprise sales team?

Tablet productivity app CloudOn has been quietly growing its base to several million users over a period of three years. The company is set to reach the 10 million user-milestone by Q2 2013. The popular product is available to consumers for free, and lets people read and edit Microsoft Office files on tablet devices.

In recent months, CloudOn has recently begun receiving calls from large enterprises, but does not plan to execute on a formal sales push until its honed the product and reached 10 million users.

At CloudBeat 2012, cofounder and CEO Milind Gadekar offered advice to startups at a similar stage of growth. According to Gadekar, it’s not as making a few key hires. He revealed the host of new requirements that will need to be considered, including improved security, manageability and reporting.

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