When you give metal, you get metal.

After writing a post about a new line of headphones from metal band Motörhead, reader/entrepreneur/metal fan Bradford Stephens pointed us to this amazing video clip of a band of robots playing Motörhead classic “Ace of Spades.”

Why is this on VentureBeat? you might be asking yourself.

Simply put, we’re always looking for the interesting ways in which technology bleeds into other industries. The music industry, the robotics industry, the viral video-making industry… there’s too much overlap between too many awesome disciplines here for us to pass it by.

The band you see above is Compressorhead. From the band’s website:

Did you ever wonder what Danny Carey would sound like if he had 4 arms?
How about if Angus Young had 78 fingers? Imagine what Robert Trujillo would sound like if he was actually made of metal?
Well, wonder no more, meatbags.
Compressorhead is the worlds heaviest metal band. … Stickboy (drums) was created to exacting specifications: 4 arms, 2 legs, 1 head, no brain. … Fingers (guitar) joined Stickboy in 2009 and brings 78 purpose built fingers, enough to play the entire fret board and pluck. Bones (bass) is the highest-precision bass player in known existence, and the youngest member of the band. inception date 2012.
Stand aside, meatbags. Oil is thicker than blood.

Compressorhead is touring Australia this month as part of the annual Big Day Out festival where the band will be playing on both main stages. If you live in Australia and don’t have or immediately make plans to see this amazing marriage of technology and metal, we, the staff of VentureBeat, are collectively and massively disappointed in you.