threadless wittlebee

Wittlebee, the hip L.A. subscription apparel club for kids, has just hooked up with Threadless to get you exclusive access to new T-shirt designs for your young ‘uns.

And as we all know, your worth as a parent will be measured at the Last Judgment on the cuteness and/or cleverness of your kid’s T-shirts. You’ve been warned.

Wittlebee has already started shipping out the first two tees of the collaboration, pint-sized version of Threadless’ “Cookie Loves Milk” and “Drawing the Constellations” designs. For the next designs, Wittlebee users will get to vote on which shirts get the green-light for shipping out to parents and kids everywhere.

The exclusive shirts from the collab will carry a special Wittlebee/Threadless tag as well. We’ve reached out to Wittlebee CEO Sean Percival for more info on the partnership and will update this post soon.

Wittlebee itself is one of the earlier launches from Science, a SoCal incubator with a portfolio of companies more about high revenues than high tech. It’s formula involves finding an opportunity for a marketplace — some industry or niche where producers are separated from consumers — and bridging the gap with a tech-enabled service.

Science cofounder Peter Pham told us last year that the formula would eventually bring a billion-dollar VC fund to L.A.’s warm and vacuous environs. So far, a string of high-profile investments in Science companies seem to be foreshadowing something like that prophecy.

“We’re gonna build a whole breed of businesses over the next year that are incredibly successful,” said Science’s other cofounder, former MySpace CEO Mike Jones, in a separate interview. “I think Science will be a conduit for Silicon Valley investors to feel comfortable investing in Los Angeles.”

Image credit: Threadless