angels111 is a number of manifesting and manifestation, according to a highly reliable and reputable article I read about angel numbers. In her book “Healing with Angels,” renowned angel therapist Ph.D Doreen Virtue explains that repeating number sequences are the way angels communicate with us here in the physical world. Angel number 111 apparently signifies an energetic gateway, which means it is important to be highly aware of your thoughts and ideas because they will soon manifest into reality. For all you entrepreneurs out there trying to fundraise, this could be your chance. For those that raised money already, read below.

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Virtual travel agent Desti lengthens runway before global takeoff 

Desti is a virtual travel agent for the iPad that was developed out of SRI International, the same prestigious research institute that spawned virtual personal assistant Siri. The technology combines Artificial Intelligence and natural language processing to understand and respond to specific travel-related search queries. Now, the company has raised an additional $1 million in seed money from its original investors to add more users so Desti can become smarter, more interactive, and available in new markets. This brings Desti’s total seed financing to $2 million from Horizons Ventures. Read more on VentureBeat.

Google App experts frost $5M onto cloud management platform

BetterCloud announced this morning that it raised $5 million in its first round of financing from Flybridge Capital Partners, Greycroft Partners, and TriBeCa Venture Partners. BetterCloud provides cloud management tools specifically for Google Apps. Many businesses these days use Google Apps to manage operations, collaborate, store data, and more. BetterCloud’s flagship product FlashPanel gives administrators better knowledge, control and security of their apps to help them work as efficiently as possible. Read more on VentureBeat.

Split-screen video app Streamweaver picks up $1.3M from former Facebooker 

Mobile video recording service Streamweaver closed a $1.3 million round of funding today, the startup confirmed to VentureBeat. Streamweaver is a free iOS app that lets multiple iPhone owners record a live video at the same time, which is then converted into a single, 60-second video with a split-screened view of each person’s camera angle. The startup is currently focused on producing a more feature-rich version of its iPhone app, but does consider an Android version something that will eventually happen.The new round includes a major investment by former Facebook Chief Security Officer Chris Kelly, who will join Streamweaver’s board of directors. Streamweaver is based in Nashville. Read more on VentureBeat.

uCirrus lightly trails $5.5M across the funding sky

In the sky, Cirrus clouds are thin, wispy strands that resemble strands of hair. On the internet, the uCirrus cloud helps enterprise companies ramp up the speed and volume of their analytical engines. Its live data management system is called XPRESSmp and is designed to accelerate the pace of turning data into actionable insight. According to an SEC filing, uCirrus raised $5.5 million in its third round of funding. Partners from existing investor ATA Ventures, as well as Lamond Capital Partners and Acero Capital were listed on the form. This brings the total capital raised to $11.2 million. Previous investors in the first two rounds include SK Telecom Ventures and Qualcomm Ventures. Read the filing.

Refinery29 racks up $3.5M for excellent taste in fashion, fun, and men

There are not too many sites out there whose opinions I trust on fashion and beauty, local entertainment, and men. Refinery29 is one of the few, and this digital publication for women has raised $3.5 million. Refinery29 is a hot media property that delivers daily newsletters with lifestyle comment, as well as a curated fashion e-commerce platform. Refinery29 is based in New York, with local editions in New York, LA, San Francisco, Washington DC, Chicago, London and a large global following. The site claims to have 1.25 million registered email users, and thirty million unique visitors a year. Before this second round, Refinery29 raised $5 million. According to the recent filing, this round is intended to close at $4.1 million. Board member Ann Miura-Ko of  previous investor Floodgate Partners is listed. Read the filing.

Mi casa es applicasa

Mobile game management platform Applicasa raised $1 million, as reported by TechCrunch. The company helps app developers successfully monetize their apps and provides a backend solution to keep them running. It recently shifted from offering a more general server side solution to focusing specifically on mobile gaming, in an effort to distinguish itself from the competition. Now, it helps build custom virtual stores to promote in-app purchasing, as well as analytics. This investment was provided by the Shaked family, who founded gambling website corporation 888 Holdings.

Investors tip their hats and wallets to Blue Medora

I have a blue hat, and I have a fedora, but unfortunately, I have yet to own a blue fedora. I will have to settle or covering Blue Medora. This company which develops “monitoring and management extensions” for enterprise systems, received $1.25 million in growth capital to fuel the expansion of its new suite of Oracle-focused products. Blue Medora is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and the investors were West Michigan-based angel investors groups Start Garden and the Grand Angels. Read the press release.

Rentify simplifies landlords’ lives, so maybe they find time to fix the loo

In America, we call in apartment. In the UK, it is a flat. Regardless of terminology, Rentify took $3.2 million (£2 million) to grow its team and accelerate product development. Rentify offers a platform for landlords that makes it simple to market and manage their properties. Landlords create advertisements on the site, which Rentify then publishes to find tenants. For property already leased out, Rentify offers tools to stay on top of issues like key collection and utility certificates. It launched in 2012 and already has over 60,000 users who sent over $160 million (£100 million) in rent through its system. European venture firm Balderton Capital led this first round. Rentify is based in central London.

The Art Commission proliferates giant cellos, mayonnaise jars, dancing frogs 

The Art Commission secured $510K in angel investment to beautify the world. The company connects artists who do commissioned work with individuals and organizations that want to commission artwork for specific sites. Since launching the website in November 2012, more than 500 artists working in architecture, visual art and design joined the marketplace. The Art Commission database is searchable by 10 filters to make it easier for “patrons” to find the right artist for their project. The Art Commission is based in Madison, Wisconsin, and this investment came from local investors.

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