YouSendIt, the Campbell, Calif.-based startup that wants to do more than let users send large files, has made its latest strategic acquisition.

The company bought a venture-backed startup called “Found” (the founders are pictured, above) for an undisclosed sum. The technology lets users discover their files, documents, and data across a variety of devices and cloud services.

YouSendIt’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse aims to “go beyond send”, and help users access and manage their data. In an interview, he liberally uses the term “cloud-nogistic” to describe how technology should be able to cater to the full spectrum of providers, whether its Google Drive or Dropbox.

Garlinghouse said the corporate development team was tasked with finding startups to potentially acquire “that were thinking horizontally, not just vertically.” The company bought Found with a combination of cash and stock. They will retain the full team in their San Francisco offices, and will provide resources for the 5-person team to build out the product.

YouSendIt has raised a total of $49 million in venture funding in the previous seven years. According to Garlinghouse, they are experiencing 50 percent growth year over year, and recently exceeded 40 million users. Last year, the company pulled in $57 million in revenue.