You just got hacked. What happened? How could you have prevented this? The obvious questions only come after the deed has been done. Security firm Cylance wants to put an end to reactionary security, and focus on the prevention of attacks. The company got $15 million in its first round of funding today led by storied venture capitalist Vinod Khosla.

Cylance was started by former McAfee executive Stuart McClure in 2012. The company has since been in stealth mode, though it has previously talked about some of its products. It officially announced its board members today, including Stewart Baker, formerly of the National Security Administration, and former chief information security officer for the CIA Robert Bigman.

Fairhaven Capital also participated in the round.

The company formally announced its first service called Presponse in December. Presponse, or pre-response, is an auditing service performed by Cylance that looks at a number of your attack vectors, assesses your risk, and gives you a plan of action for protecting yourself.

Presponse first looks at the “critical infrastructure” your company uses, such as connections to the smart grid and connected water systems. It then looks at other smart devices such as Internet-connected thermostats, healthcare devices, and more. It then looks at your business, what kind of information you might store, and how valuable that information is. In the end, it shows you how at-risk you are and exactly where an attack might try to attack.

“If you can secure the very fabric of our society and economy – critical infrastructure and key resources (CIKR) – you can secure anything,” said Mark Hatfield, Partner at Fairhaven Capital in a statement. “The security industry is ready for an overhaul and Cylance has the vision.”

Cylance image via Cylance