Alastair Moore, cofounder of We Are Pop Up

AUSTIN, Tex. — We Are Pop Up is a startup that is working to match landlords with short-term commercial tenants.

For instance, if you are a retailer and want to rent a space for a pop-up store, or if you want to rent an office space for a week or two, We Are Pop Up can help you find the right space.

There really isn’t a business model for finding short-term commercial leases like this yet, so anyone looking for a short-term commercial lease has to resort to a number of complicated and inefficient alternatives, like Craigslist. We Are Pop Up aims to make a platform to lower the costs and increase the efficiency of the market.

Two of the founders are based in the U.S. but cofounder Alastair Moore is based in London. He loves the mix of skills, industries, and sectors in the city.

Check out the interview we did with Moore at SXSW below.

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