Fusion-io iofx product shot

Fusion-io, a leader in solid-state storage devices for high-volume datacenters, has acquired ID7, a maker of a Linux-based software-defined storage subsystem.

ID7’s signature product is an open-source project called SCST, the Generic SCSI Target Subsystem for Linux (we’re not quite sure how that results in the acronym SCST, but that’s how they do it). Fusion-io has already renamed ID7 as Fusion-io ID7, and affirmed its ongoing commitment to open source.

“This endeavor matches an overwhelming trend in the industry towards open industry standard server systems, whereby customers can choose the hardware platforms that best suit their needs and couple them with the most capable software to maximize their use,” Fusion-io’s blog post states. A bit further on, it adds, “Fusion-io enthusiastically supports open source, and we will continue to encourage the open principles that have made ID7 and SCST successful, including maintaining an open source version of SCST.”

ID7 chief technical officer and co-founder Mark Klarzynski published his own blog post today as well. It’s sort of a mash note to Fusion-io and its “laser-point focus aimed straight at the user.”

In addition, the move toward software-defined storage is an industry trend, with enterprise vendors including Nexenta, Scality, and SwiftStack attracting investments to pursue product development in this sphere. It’s symptomatic of a larger shift away from big, inflexible storage area networks (and data center hardware more broadly) and towards more flexible, software-defined computing resources that companies and data center providers can allocate as needed, in real time, without worrying about their physical locations, specific wiring, or underlying hardware.

The companies did not disclose the terms of the deal.

Via ZDNet

Photo: Random Fusion-io product shot.