Google Glass, a tech that no one has, could one day be used to control smart fridges and , another tech that no one has.

According to a patent filed by Google (and discovered by Engadget) Google is working on functionality that would allow Glass owners to virtually interact with the smart devices around them. Using a combination of infrared, Bluetooth, radio frequency IDs, and plain old visual identification via Glass’s external camera, Google’s specs would act as a central control hub for developing Internet of Things you’ve been hearing so much about.

Everything surrounding Google Glass already sounds like science fiction, and this latest development is no exception to that. The world has been promised smart fridges and the like for a while now, but the devices are still at the fringes of mainstream adoption. (In that sense, they’re actually a bit further on than Glass itself.)

It’s tough not to geek out about the whole thing, but it’s even tougher to ignore the fact that all of this is going to be, really, really expensive. With the $1,500 price tag attached to Glass and the $4000 price of the relatively rudimentary smart fridges of today, the functionality  described in Google’s patent is going to be well beyond the reach of most people for a long, long time.

Photo: Sean Ludwig/VentureBeat