facebook home screenshot

And the Facebook Home/Facebook Phone leaks keep on coming.

Now we have our first glimpse at Facebook Home’s user interface, courtesy of 9to5Google. Surprisingly, it seems that it’s more focused on delivering a great-looking Android experience, while much of the social functionality is subtly baked into the interface.

While there’s been plenty of hype around the Facebook Phone — which at this point looks like it’s going to be the HTC First — it’s becoming increasingly clear that Facebook Home will be the star of tomorrow’s Facebook event.

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As we saw from the leak a few days ago, Facebook Home will likely be a downloadable Android home screen replacement that anyone can download to their phone. The HTC First, meanwhile, will have the privilege of being the very first phone to come with Facebook Home built-in (I can only imagine how proud the HTC folks were for coming up with that name).

Judging from these screenshots, Facebook Home’s clean design will be its main selling point, while the enhanced social features will serve as a nice addition. (Making the social integration secondary also makes it easier for consumers to ignore the bigger presence Facebook will have on their phones.)

While Google has made great strides with evolving Android’s user interface over the past few years, many Android owners are still stuck running ugly Android skins from the likes of Samsung and HTC. It’s unclear how Facebook Home will coexist with HTC Sense or Samsung’s TouchWiz interface (HTC will certainly make sure it can fit in sense alongside Facebook Home).

One thing’s for sure though: Plenty of Android owners would leap at the opportunity for a better user interface, especially if it’s a simple download from the Google Play store.

facebook home leak 2