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What if the first step diagnosing your health was done by you, in your home, at your convenience? What if you could leverage new technology to see your fertility cycles, determine whether you have the flu or just a cold, monitor a chronic condition, or update your eyeglass prescription?

Point-of-consumer diagnostics is a rapidly expanding field that uses advanced sensing technologies, wireless monitoring, smartphones, big data, and affordable point-of-care biochemical processes to put diagnostic tools directly in the hands of the patient. Driven by the convergence of these technologies and healthcare cost pressures, a new direct-to-consumer healthcare market is emerging, in which we actively take ownership of our health by demanding new technology that empowers us and mitigates healthcare costs.

According to a report published by BCC Research in January 2012, the point-of-care diagnostic space reached $13.4B in 2010 and is estimated to grow to over $16.0B in 2016, leveraging the one billion smartphones already in use globally.

New venture opportunities for direct-to-consumer diagnostics are vast, yet challenges remain as entrepreneurs push the bounds of existing regulations, seek capital at the unmapped crossroads of high-tech and medicine, and identify the keys to monetization and market entry. Join us to learn more about how entrepreneurs are disrupting the medical infrastructure to put your health in your hands.

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Daniel Kraft, M.D., Executive Director, FutureMed, Faculty Chair of Medicine, Singularity University

Walter De Brouwer, CEO of SCANADU
Dr. David Albert, Founder and Chief Medical Officer at AliveCor
Anne DeGheest, HealthTech Capital, Managing Director and Founder

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