The web wasn’t built for the complex web apps we’re using today — Instart Logic hopes to fix that.

The Mountain View-based company is emerging from stealth today with a cloud-based solution to make mobile web apps perform lightning fast. Instart Logic also announced that it has raised $17 million in a second round of funding led by Andreeseen Horowitz and Greylock Partners.

Specifically, the company aims to fix slowdown problems that arise from increasingly complicated mobile web apps and a non-stop flood of mobile device traffic. The hope, naturally, is that faster web apps will lead to people actually using them more.

For the most part, web apps today just aren’t as fast as native apps built specifically for mobile platforms. But while fast, native apps are costly to produce and difficult to update — so publishers turn to the HTML5-based web apps to support multiple mobile platforms with a single app.

Instart Logic held a beta program last year, and it boasts that several of that program’s participants — which includes a Fortune 500 company — are subscribing to its service for “mission critical” apps.

The company raised $9 million last year, bringing its total funding to $26 million. Other investors include Sutter Hill Ventures and Tenaya Capital.

Cheetah photo via Shutterstock