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Learn-to-code company Treehouse has just told us it’s teaming up with CodePen to pop the hood on the Internet so all y’all can dig around and learn by hacking.

“Treehouse students can now update and play with projects from Treehouse on CodePen,” a Treehouse rep wrote via email.

“Clicking on the View Code Playground button on any Treehouse course covering HTML and CSS lets students see the source for that project and modify it however they want. We know that exploring and modifying code is one of the best ways to master markup, so this tool will be a huge help to our students as they learn.”

Here’s a bit of what it looks like:

Treehouse with CodePen

“We’re really excited to work with CodePen to help people remix and share the work they’re doing on Treehouse,” said Treehouse founder Ryan Carson in an email exchange. “A major part of development and design is taking existing technologies and combining them and tweaking them in new ways, and the new code playground feature on Treehouse will help students practice do exactly that.”

Treehouse students can use the CodePen sections to hack around in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files for various projects on the service.

CodePen is an independent tool that calls itself a “playground for the web’s front-end.” CodePen was built by Wufoo’s first three dev/design hires, Alex Vazquez, Tim Sabat, and Chris Coyier.

Image credit: Shutterstock