Roman Stanek

Box‘s Aaron Levie and GoodData‘s Roman Stanek [above] have already joined forces in making business software sexy. The young CEOs are often lumped into articles about the rise of the “enterprise cool kids.”

So it would seem somewhat inevitable that the chief executives would form a partnership. And today, the companies released a new product dubbed “GoodBox.” Box customers can now visualize relevant data to better understand the effectiveness of their teams.

GoodData claims that it will also be easier for customers to monetize their content. GoodBox can be used by execs to identify behavior common to high-performing individuals, and apply the insights to optimize the whole sales or marketing team.

“Eventually, we expect to be able to provide predictive solutions based on the information GoodBox is gathering for us,” said Damian Fasciani, a technology services manager at REA Group, and one of the first customers of the new product.

Box CEO Aaron Levie

Above: Box CEO Aaron Levie

Image Credit: Sean Ludwig/VentureBeat

“It’s a win for Box as their customers will be engaged, and it fits into our vision to organize an enterprise’s data,” said Stanek, GoodData’s CEO.

Stanek told me in a recent interview at the VentureBeat office that the company makes about 50 percent of its revenues through white-labeling its products. Rather than build their own “big data” analytics tools, software as a service vendors like Zendesk can opt to embed GoodData. “This is the new cloud integration model,” he explained.

Indeed, rather than engage in the so-called “cloud wars,” Stanek said his strategy is to forge partnerships with vendors in related categories. “I am playing nicely with Box and Amazon Web Services,” he said. “This is how you succeed in the new world of enterprise software.”