funding daily

There’s a hacker who’s sure
All that glitters is old
And he’s buying a stairway to funding.

In Toronto he knows
If the doors are all closed,
On Sand Hill he can get what
He came for.

Ooooh, ooo-ooh, and he’s buying a stairway to funding!

There’s a term sheet that sucks
But for some fewer bucks
He says he can keep more of his equity.
In a bank run by crooks, there’s an old dude who sings,
“Sometimes all of our thoughts are collusion.”

And it makes me wonder.

Zalora scores $100M

Zalora, the Zappos-like fashion and beauty store for Southeast Asia, announced this morning that it has closed a $100 million financing round. That’s a lot of lipstick and high heels. Zalora focuses on 10 countries in Asia: Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. The year-old startup says it has already achieved “annualized double-digit million USD revenues.” Read the full story on VentureBeat.

Urturn raises $10.7M

Urturn, a U.K.-based social networking startup for iOS and desktop, has just taken a whopping $10.7 million in its first round of institutional funding. First time at bat, Urturned knocked it outta the park. I believe the expression is, “Nailed it.” The remarkable Series A was led by European Union firm Balderton Capital, which previously invested in Bebo. “It’s an important vote of confidence from a well-recognized VC for the company,” said a Urturn rep. From what we can see so far, the vote of confidence is, to be blunt, badly needed. Read the full story on VentureBeat.

Cloudscaling climbs to $10M

Elastic cloud infrastructure startup Cloudscaling has raised $10 million in its second round of funding so it can keep growing at a quick clip and innovating its cloud technology. The San Francisco-based startup ‘s core product is the Open Cloud System, which can deliver the same benefits as providers like AWS and Rackspace. But unlike those companies, Cloudscaling’s solution is deployable in a client’s data center under an IT team’s control. It can also run its solution on Amazon and Google’s public clouds if a customer wants to do so. Read the full story on VentureBeat.

Remote Medical raises $8M

Seattle-based Remote Medical just scored $8 million to bring health care to virtually anyone in need, anywhere in the world. Remote Medical serves companies and individuals in remote places; it’s a good option for military personell, research teams, law enforcement groups, or those lucky billionaires living out their days on private islands. Remote Medical offers a variety of services, including telemedicine (physicians can securely chat with patients via video), medical training, drugs, and equipment. Read the full story on VentureBeat.

Ex-Facebook/Dropbox product guy gets $1.2M for stealth startup

Mystery meat of the day is YesGraph, a stealthy recruiting startup. Founder Ivan Kirigin, a former product manager at Facebook and Dropbox, has already secured $1.2 million of a $1.8 million round, according to a Form D. “The financing has enabled us to build a good product and hire talent — there is a lot that is hard about this space,” said Kirigin on a phone call. Read the full story on VentureBeat.

UpOut comes up with $850K

Bay Area find-stuff-to-do app UpOut has raised an $850,000 seed round. The app serves up quirky, hipstery, “interesting” personalized recommendations for local events — so basically, it’s Stefon in your pocket. That sounded weird. Moving forward, the funding came from leading Silicon Valley angels. The company claims “tens of thousands” of users in and around San Francisco and has desktop and mobile apps.

Video robotics company Swivl raises $500K

Swivl makes personal robots with a video twist, and the company has just raised a $500,000 round from Grishin Robotics. Swivl — well, think of it as a Roomba for Facetime or YouTube. It swivels (hence the name) to track a speaker and capture video without the need for a dedicated cameraman. It’s designed with iOS devices in mind, but it works with any smartphone or video camera. Read the full story on VentureBeat.

Neurotrack gets $90 for its tech to predict the onset of Alzheimer’s

The $90,000 boost from angel investors is the first outside capital for the startup with a diagnostic test for Alzheimer’s disease. Neurotrack offers a computer-based cognitive test that can detect an impairment on the Hippocampus, the first structure in the brain to be impacted by Alzheimer’s.
Read the full story on VentureBeat.

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