business-fightBig data is a big trend right now, and Wibidata has raised $15 million to help businesses take advantage of it.

Wibidata builds and sells big data applications that companies can use to uncover consumer insights and react in real time. Large organizations like Google, Amazon, Netflix, Yahoo, and Facebook have built their own technology that gathers data about users and delivers personalized content based on the result. Wibidata provides an option for smaller companies, without the same engineering resources, to do the same thing.

CEO and cofounder Christophe Bisciglia was one of the founders of Cloudera, and cofounder Aaron Kimball created Apache Sqoop. They are data experts, and Wibidata is designed to make data more accessible to all businesses, not just those that can afford data scientists.

Bisciglia said in a statement issued this morning that big data applications are “mission critical” solutions that businesses need to stay competitive. Every industry, vertical, and company¬† has a unique set of needs, and Wibidata’s products are customizable. The company has built four, industry-specific application suites– retail, finance, mobile, and SaaS — that include data integration, analysis, and predictive modeling.

This technology enables companies to deploy apps that incorporate content personalization, search relevance, predictive recommendations, and anomaly detection. The idea is that by providing consumers with a tailored experienced, they will be more engaged.

Wibidata’s applications are based on the open source Kiji Project, which shortens development and deployment cycles, and the system is built on Apache Hadoop and HBase. Clients include Opower, Mobile Posse, and Atlassian. Canaan Partners led this round with participation from existing investors NEA and Google Chairman Eric Schmidt. According to the statement, this investment demonstrates a shift in the big data ecosystem towards “applications that deliver direct value to businesses.” This second round of financing will support recruitment and hiring, product development, and expansion.

Wibidata is based in San Francisco. It was founded in 2010 and has raised $20 million to date.

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