Business intelligence app-maker MeLLmo has launched a new cloud-based version of its popular Roambi service that is calls Roambi Business.

The San Diego, Calif-based MeLLmo’s success to date stems from bold early bets on business tools exclusively for iOS. Roambi was originally conceived for the iPhone but transformed into a more powerful data visualizer when the iPad came along.

The company has offered both data vizualization and content publishing tools, but now it’s revamping the portfolio with help from the cloud. The new product, Roambi Business, should help small, medium, and huge companies with accessing data, analytics, and insights.

“We’re doing everything we can to make the product more accessible,” Quinton Alsbury, MeLLmo’s president of product innovation, told VentureBeat. “We want you to use this regardless of what size company you’re in.”

Some of the core features that MeLLmo emphasizes in Roambi Business include:

• A cloud-based platform: A secure, scalable solution hosted on Amazon Web Services.

• Redesigned publisher: A simple, productivity style app that creates high-end visualizations from any device, including tablets.

• Robust administration: A full suite of powerful administrative features that gives admins tools to manage their users, content, devices, and more.

• Application security: Roambi’s suite of innovative features centrally secures on-device content, like remote wipe, file expiration, application passcodes, and file recall.

• Publishing API that serves as a conduit for data and enables customers to automate data imports, create Roambi reports, and refresh data.

• Single sign on with SAML 2.0 for optimal security and seamless access to content.

• Offline access to all the data that matters for a true any time, anywhere experience.

Roambi Business will replace the company’s lightweight Pro offering for all new customers. About 7,000 of its customers use the Pro offering, and 450 big companies use its pricier Roambi Server option. Pro customers will continue to have the same access and service they’ve always had, but no new customers will be able to get Pro.

Today’s move simplifies Roambi into just two pricing tiers: Roambi Business costs $39 per user per month with a 10-user minimum. Roambi Server, which is usually meant for large enterprise customers or mid-size customers with higher security/compliance needs, costs $39 per user per month with a 100 user minimum. Companies that use Server also pay a $995 service fee per month.

On top of launching Roambi Business, MeLLmo also announced that it has signed up more than 100 global partners to resell Roambi.

MeLLmo has raised $50 million to date from investors including Sequoia Capital. Alsbury said the company has “no plans” to raise any more capital. The company has 90 employees.