RebelMouse, a service that lets anyone create a pretty, visually rich site based on their social updates, has just announced a rather sizable round of funding.

The startup has taken $10.25 million in its first institutional round. The funding was led by Oak Investment Partners, with participation from Japanese mobile powerhouse SoftBank, Sterling Investment Partners, and Buddy Media founder Michael Lazerow.

The pages you can create on RebelMouse are good-looking out of the box, and they’re also customizable, thanks to a WYSIWYG editor. Also, you can install a bookmarklet/button to post things you find around the web directly to you RebelMouse page.

Unlike landing page generators like and, RebelMouse sites aren’t just big photos, a snippet of clever text, and a column of social connections.

Rather, once you connect your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. profiles to RebelMouse, you get a Pinterest-like page showing updates you’ve posted in the past:


The product is still a bit early (read: buggy), but we figure $10.25 million will go a long way toward hiring more engineers to squash the heck out of those bugs.

“Clearly, we’ve been quite busy here at RebelMouse, but this is just the tip of the iceberg,” cofounder Paul Barry wrote in a post on the funding news,

“We believe deeply in making the open web a better place, and can’t wait to share some more exciting stuff in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!”