Pluralsight, a developer training company, has bought up PeepCode and TrainSignal, two semi-competitors, for the total sum of $23.6 million in cash and stock.

PeepCode focuses on open-source technology training for developers; the startup is based in Seattle. TrainSignal is based in Chicago and specializes in IT skill sets and technologies like Citrix and Cisco.

Pluralsight, which offers learn-to-code video coursework, will grow its library to more than 1,000 courses. The integration of the two sites into the Pluralsight fold will occur over the next few months.

“As everybody rushes to implement cloud-based infrastructure, CIOs and CTOs need IT professionals who can support the new technology, which requires a foundation in traditional IT topics like Cisco and Citrix as well as leading-edge web dev skills,” said a company rep in a statement on the news.

“Pluralsight is now a one-stop shop for these skills and in some instances is becoming a more compelling credential for professional development than traditional academic degrees.”

While Pluralsight does rake in a fair amount of cheddar for its services, we can imagine that a sizable portion of this deal was a direct result of the company’s hefty funding earlier this year — a $27.5 million first round of institutional funding.

Pluralsight was founded in 2004 and is based in Layton, Utah.

Disclosure: The writer created three freelance videos for Pluralsight in 2010.