Fast-growing cloud hosting services startup Digital Ocean just closed a $3.2 million round.

The company launched last year, but claims to already have over 35,000 customers, who have developed 340,000 virtual servers. IA Ventures, the firm that led the round, invested off the back of this growth.

The technology is a hit with early-stage startups, as prices are as low as $5 per month for an entry-level server, which includes 512 megabytes of memory. Developers can get their servers up and running in less than a minute.

If you’re an amateur, the website also features a community forum for developers to share tips on getting started with NoSQL databases like MongoDB, and scaling architecture to support spikes in web traffic.

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“The passion developers have for DigitalOcean is off the charts, and that love from their customers has only grown along with their meteoric rise in popularity,” said Brad Gillespie, a Partner at IA Ventures, who will also assume a position on the company’s board.

DigitalOcean will need to compete for revenues and customers with giants like Rackspace and Amazon Web Services, so it will need to hire some serious marketing talent. With the funding, the founders say they plan to invest in building out its New York-based team, including sales and marketing.

The startup is a graduate of accelerator program TechStars, and also received participation in its funding round from Michael Arrington’s CrunchFund.

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