Any parent will tell you that their kids quickly become the most important part of their lives. A very expensive, important part of their lives.

Two companies are taking advantage of that willingness to spend on their kids’ health and education. One, a digital storybook app grabbed $6.2 million and a baby monitor that really does help those obsessive parents be their obsessive selves got $2.6 million.

Do you think children’s tech is a smart industry to tap like these investors do?

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Credorax gets $40M to simplify payment processing

Credorax, a Boston-based company that has developed a platform for taking the headache out of processing payments, announced today that it has received a $40 million investment from growth equity investor FTV. The company’s “ePower” platform, which is currently licensed across all European Union countries, makes it easy for merchants to start processing payments, offers built-in fraud protection tools, and gives them a way to analyze their payments. Read the full story on VentureBeat.

Martini Media locks up $14M to target rich people with ads

The digital advertising company Martini Media is taking $14 million (dry, with three olives, of course), closing its fourth round of funding today. Martini Media’s basic idea is that rich people spend more money than other people, and thus ads targeting them can make more money. It claims to reach 125 million “influential and affluent customers at work and play” and targets customers that have a household income over $100,000 or higher. Venrock led this round, with participation from Granite Ventures, Reed Elsevier Ventures, and Silicon Valley Bank. Read the full story on VentureBeat.

Speakaboos gets $6.2 million for digital children’s books

Storybook subscription service Speakaboos, which claims to bring “children’s stories to life,” just raised $6.2 million. The company was founded by a team with experience working at Nick JR. and PBS Kids. The first round of funding comes from a handful of investors, including Advancit Capital and Kyowon Group, the largest education company in Korea.

GuideSpark raises $5M to untangle the web of employee benefits

GuideSpark has secured $5 million to help employers and their employees maneuver the complicated world of benefits. GuideSpark claims it can help you understand health care reform in three minutes. The company has a series of videos that inform employees on changes that will impact their health coverage as well as customized benefits and open enrollment. Storm Ventures led this first round, with participation from IDG Ventures and returning early investors. Read the full story on VentureBeat.

Waze cofounder raises $3M for FeeX, the ‘Robin Hood’ of financial fees

FeeX wants to use the power of the crowd to keep banks honest. The startup has built a platform for crowdsourcing financial intelligence. Today it announced closing funding of $3 million led by Blumberg Capital. FeeX’s CEO Yoav Zurel said the goal is to be the “Robin Hood of fees.” The site analyzes financial data from the community and compares the amount that you pay in fees. It gives you a score on its “sucker meter” to let you know how much you are overpaying and to provide greater insight into how much you should be paying. Read the full story on VentureBeat.

Sproutling raises $2.6M to reinvent the baby monitor

Stealthy startup Sproutling is sprouting some funding. The company is building a sensor system for babies that monitors its vital signs through a sensor worn around the ankle. It is connected to parents’ smartphones so they can know when something is actually wrong. The company is part of Lemnos Labs hardware accelerator program. An SEC filing revealed that it has raised $2.594 million led by Rob Hayes of First Round Capital.

Gratafy begins national rollout to help you give the ideal gift

Gratafy lets you tell people you care in a universally satisfying way — through booze and sugar. You use the social gifting platform to send friends and family gifts that no-one could refuse — drinks, dinners, and desserts. The Seattle-based startup entered the Los Angeles market today and released the second version of its platform. The company has raised $2.45 million in seed funding from angel investors, including former general counsel of Facebook and VP of legal at Amazon Rudy Gadre. Read the full story on VentureBeat. gets $1M to build more mobile app development tools helps companies create mobile applications that have a lot of the functionality of a native app without having to actually be a native app. Its parent company MySiteApp raised $1 million today to improve its “mobile toolkit.” It also recently partnered with eCommerce platform PrestaShop to let any of the platform’s companies use

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