HotelQuickly has raised $1.15 million to cement its position in Asia.

HotelQuickly is a same-day hotel booking app that focuses on markets in the Asia-Pacific. It takes a similar approach to HotelTonight, a company that pioneered the mobile same-day hotel booking model in 2011.

Both companies offer curated sets of hotel deals every day at noon. If you need a hotel room on-the-fly, these apps will present you with unsold rooms at steep discounts that you can book through your smartphone.

HotelTonight is a much bigger company. It is now active in 120 destinations and in 12 countries around North America and Europe. It works with 3,000 hotels and has 6 million users and recently locked down $45 million to expand in Eastern and Northern Europe, as well as Asia and Latin America.

The Asia Pacific region is a tourist hot spot, as well as a hot market for mobile technology. Smartphone penetration, mobile Internet infrastructure, and social media adoption are all increasing rapidly.

HotelQuickly founder Christian Mischler told VentureBeat that people in the region adapt to technology very quickly, going from “zero to mobile,” and a rising middle class combined with affordable transportation are fueling a robust tourism industry.

Hong Kong-based HotelQuickly is striving to gain dominance in Asia before HotelTonight can get there. It is now active in 11 countries in the Asian Pacific and works with 400 partner hotels in 40 destinations. It has 150,000 downloads.

Angel investors made up this round, including Boon Hwee Koh, the former chairman of Singtel and Singapore Airlines. HotelQuickly is available on iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.