New Nimble Contacts App for HootSuite Enables Business Teams to Intelligently Engage Prospects and Customers Effectively on Social Media

SANTA MONICA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–October 31, 2013–

Today, Nimble, the pioneering Social Relationship Platform, released the Nimble Contacts App for HootSuite, the leading social media management platform. The new App enables users of both Nimble and HootSuite to better surface rich information about contacts and prospects, in order to leverage social selling.

“The face of social selling is changing rapidly — a significant expansion from selling via traditional methods,” says Barbara Giamanco, author of The New Handshake: Sales Meets Social Media. “Using the Nimble Contacts App in HootSuite creates a new and powerful customer engagement workflow for those who have embraced the social selling model.”

Completing the Loop

From inside the main HootSuite screen, users can see and act on any of their contacts using their Nimble account. As they use HootSuite to monitor and build their social media presence, establish credibility, and communicate, now they can take any actions they would normally do in Nimble, without leaving HootSuite. For example, users can:

  • Check on any of their contacts’ social networks and reach out on other channels
  • See how they and their team are connected to anyone in their network
  • View a complete communications history with that contact, regardless of channel
  • Assign a tag to segment contacts
  • Use Nimble’s Mark as Important star system — timely messages stay front and center
  • Set a schedule with the Stay in Touch reminder system; if users fall out of touch, Nimble will remind them
  • Add and Assign Activities to themselves and their members
  • Add Task reminders for future actions they need to remember
  • Add, edit, or update their Nimble contact records.

“We’ve significantly upgraded the Nimble Contacts App for HootSuite in order to give sales, marketing and business development professionals exactly what they need to prospect, find, nurture and cultivate effective relationships,” said Nimble CEO Jon Ferrara. “Nimble’s quick and powerful insights immediately help you build better relationships.”

Better Relationships. Better Results.

Using Nimble and HootSuite in a complementary way creates a “righteous cycle” of monitoring, listening to, engaging with, and organizing your most important relationships. Now it’s possible to leverage your most powerful and valuable asset – your relationships – to support social selling behaviors.

“As a social seller, you need a holistic view of all your contacts — and all the social networks where they have a presence,” said Giamanco. “Without the Nimble Contacts App now available for HootSuite, you’d be flying blind. With the app, you expand your access to the context that helps you gauge the immediate needs of customers and leads. Before the app, you had a narrow view. Now you are a click away from your complete shared history and details, raising the odds of creating a successful opportunity.”

“This new app is a real boost to my workflow. It puts all the goodness of Nimble right there in my HootSuite account,” Giamanco added. “As I prospect on Hootsuite, Nimble is always at hand to support that process.”

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