Dramatic Workflow Improvements Offered by Nimble Contacts Widget Now Available in Leading Business Productivity Apps, including Gmail, Outlook and HootSuite

SANTA MONICA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–November 5, 2013–

Today, Nimble, the pioneer in social relationship management software, announced the newest release of its award-winning platform with significant updates across the board. These new features enable true social selling at an advanced level for users of Nimble, everywhere they work. Highlights include:

  • Nimble Contacts Widgets for Google Gmail, Microsoft Outlook and Hootsuite
  • Social Connection Status for Individuals and Teams
  • Intelligent Contact Analyzer to help Identify and Connect with Important Contacts
  • Stay-in-Touch Reminder System with Important People Workflow
  • Enhanced Profiling of Contacts Across New Contact Page View

Nimble Everywhere

Today, people spend over 28 percent of the workweek, over 13 hours, in their inbox — sending, receiving, and sorting emails. Nimble is now making this time more streamlined, intelligent, and productive.

“We’ve created Nimble Contact Widgets that fit into the leading applications each business person lives in all day, every day,” said Nimble CEO Jon Ferrara. “By dropping the Nimble Contacts Widget into your workflow, now available in Gmail (as well as Outlook), you’ll never go wanting for a complete profile of a contact ever again. The insights, histories, efficiencies and productivity gleaned from Nimble social profiling is second to none.”

Nimble offers a powerful, productive window into all your contacts. By using Nimble you gain actionable insights by having every detail of the contact record at your fingertips — all within a leading application like Gmail.

See, Don’t Search

Using Nimble improves every sales, business development or marketing approach. The new Nimble Contact record consolidates on a single view all the actionable, socially relevant information about a person you need for context, putting an end to wasted time searching for information online. With Nimble, users have access to rich social portraits, complete communications history and advanced profiling methods at their fingertips.

Nimble recommends the people who matter most to you at any given time, based on profiling factors such as: Shared Topics, Matched Keywords and Recency or Frequency of contact. From there, Nimble shows how you are connected. Users who work on teams can also quickly see (from a sidebar display) how they or other team members are connected to a given contact.

Beyond deep contact-specific information, Nimble enables effective interaction and follow-up through its advanced contact management features.

Contact Management Redefined

The new version of Nimble adds a set of features to establish an intuitive workflow for nurturing and engagement:

  • Mark-as-Important Stars
  • Stay-in-Touch Reminders
  • Assign Activities, Add Notes, and Attach to Deals right from the Contact Widget or Record

Nimble’s smart, automated follow-up prompts are generated thanks to Nimble monitoring your communications across networks, only informing you when important people fall out of touch, eliminating needless self-scheduling of reminders.

New time-saving capabilities include the ability to take action easily in one place, by simply beginning to type to Add a Task or Log a Note.

“It was surprisingly easy to re-invent my whole contact workflow by simply telling Nimble which contacts I wanted to stay in touch with and how often,” said Celina Guerrero, President of Social to Sales (@socialtosales). “I can see whether or not I’m connected to an individual, regardless of social network. I have a complete profile in front of me that gives me context and topics of interest– which enables me to get to a greater intimacy and build better relationships with an entirely new level of speed and efficiency.”

The Nimble platform also now offers more robust searching and sorting capabilities such as the Advanced Search drop-down menu.

Nimble Screenshots: Nimble Contacts Widget for Gmail, Nimble New Contact Record View
Nimble Videos: What’s New in Nimble Video, Nimble Overview Video

About Nimble

Nimble is a pioneer in social relationship management software, which opens whole new channels for companies to engage customers in a two-way dialogue. Nimble combines the power of traditional CRM, classic contact management, and social media into a powerful web-based social selling solution. For more information, visit www.nimble.com. Nimble can be found on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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