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Staying fit on the road can be a serious challenge for business travelers. Between the long flights, changes in time zones, meetings, and frequent eating out, exercise often takes a back seat.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can retain your routine even while you’re away. While most hotels offer gyms, even if yours doesn’t, you can do plenty outside the hotel or within the comfort of your room. Here’s five apps to give you ideas and keep you motivated in any situation.


Running is a great way to explore new surroundings, and RunKeeper uses your phone’s GPS to track those runs. This smartphone app keeps tabs on your speed, pace, calories burned, and other information. When you’re done, it uploads your stats to the web app, where you can view your run on Google maps and get a broader view of your workouts. RunKeeper isn’t just for running. It also tracks swimming, hiking, biking, and other activities. It’s free for iPhone and Android.


To keep you motivated, Fitocracy turns fitness into a game. Select from a list of exercise options. Next, indicate how long you want to work out for, the number of reps you aim to do, and more. When you finish your workout, you earn points you can use to “level up.” You also receive bonus points for completing quests (such as running a mile in eight minutes or doing 50 pushups). You’ll get plenty of encouragement from a community of fitness enthusiast. This app is free for iPhone and Android; advanced features come at $5/month.

Gorilla Workout

If your hotel doesn’t offer a gym, take heart.  Gorilla Workout shows you how to build muscle with the weight of your own body. This app combines cardio and strength training exercises. After you sign in, you select your workout level based on how many pushups you’re able to do. You then select from a list of exercises. Videos demonstrate proper form. It’s $.99 for iPhone and Android.

Pocket Yoga

This app is like having a personal yoga teacher in your pocket, sort of. Pocket Yoga lets you choose from three types of practices: Ocean for high intensity interval training, Desert for improving flexibility, or Mountain for strength building. Once you select your level of difficulty, simply indicate if you want to practice for 30, 45, or 60 minutes. Soft music plays in the background while an animation guides you through the exercise. This app is $2.99 for iPhone and $3.99 for the iPad version.

Simply Being

If you’re still feeling tense after your workout, or maybe you just need help falling asleep at night, a short mediation can clear away distracting thoughts. Simply Being is a guided meditation app that promotes deep relaxation and relieves you of stress. Choose to listen to sounds of the ocean, rain or a running stream for background music while a gentle voice guides you on how to experience the present moment completely. It’s $.99 for iPhone or Android.