Goldee wants to do to light switches what Nest did to thermostats.

Dubbed a “smart light controller,” Goldee gives owners a dizzying amount of control over how their lights work. Want your bedroom lights to mimic sunlight to wake you up? Goldee can do that. How about turning off your lights when you leave and powering them on when you get home? Goldee can do that, too.

In other words, Goldee is really smart.

It also has a security angle as well: Goldee comes with a feature that simulates your presence when you’re gone, turning lights on and off to ward off bad guys.

But there’s one holdup: Goldee’s system only works with Wi-Fi-connected bulbs like the Philips Hue and Lifx, which means you’re going to need to shell out a decent amount for lightbulbs before you can take use it. To offset that, Goldee, which starts at $250, comes in three sets, two of which have bulbs. The most expensive of these packages, though, is $2,100, which underscores one big point: The smart home of the future doesn’t come cheap.

Nor does making the Goldee, apparently. The Goldee team is trying to raise $100,000 manufacture the device, and as of the time of writing, it’s roughly a quarter of the way there. The company hopes to ship the device by next summer.