Fastest growing company in the Medicare industry partners to reach 18,000 pharmacies

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–December 11, 2013–

iMedicare, the high growth Medicare decision-making platform, announced today that it now has 1,000 pharmacies as paying customers nationwide and has performed over 100,000 Medicare plan comparisons for seniors enrolling in affordable health insurance plans this year.

By partnering with over 40 pharmacy organizations, including the National Community Pharmacy Association (NCPA) and the Federation of Pharmacy Networks (FPN), iMedicare now directly reaches over 18,000 pharmacies (26% of the market).

Recently, iMedicare introduced the capability to see which plans have a closed preferred pharmacy network or tend to prefer mail order to retail pharmacies. “We believe patients stay healthier and take their medications when they have a trusted resource in their pharmacist. iMedicare helps strengthen that relationship and we have 1,000 pharmacies telling everyone about it,” said iMedicare CEO Flaviu Simihaian.

And not only are pharmacies telling patients about it, but pharmacies themselves are also reaping tremendous benefits. “The iMedicare software has been a great investment for us. It easily pays for itself by simply getting one person on to insurance without having the facility pick up the charges or the resident as a private pay,” said Keith Wallace, VP at Tara Pharmacy, a long-term care pharmacy in Missouri.

“Today, with iMedicare I feel confident in my approach to help my patients. It’s simple and patients enjoy the fact that I have a tool to help them with their decisions. I see this building a relationship with my patients,” said Scott Stanley, owner of Stanley Pharmacy.

Michelle Williams, owner of The Pillbox Pharmacy, said, “We started using the iMedicare program at one of our other locations and it is absolutely amazing! Our customers think that we are the best for helping them make an informed decision about their health care plan for the coming year.”

iMedicare will expand to more pharmacies in 2014, helping more patients in unprecedented ways, including performing an expected 1 million+ Medicare plan comparisons. At this rate of growth, iMedicare projects surpassing $9 million in annual revenue in 2014.

About iMedicare

iMedicare is a decision-making platform that engages patients and reduces the cost of Medicare while increasing revenues for pharmacies consulting Medicare patients. For more information, visit

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