Luxvue Technology, a company that’s working on next-generation micro-LED technology, has raised $25.2 million, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing.

The company hasn’t divulged much about what it’s been working on (it doesn’t even have a website), but the funding comes on top of $18 million that it’s previously raised. A CrunchBase filing notes that the company “develops low-power, microLED-based displays for consumer electronics applications.”

This year, Luxvue filed several patents on micro-LED technology, which could power displays in future wearable devices (it’s rumored to be the display tech in Google’s next Glass model), gadgets, and even digital signage. Micro-LED displays could potentially offer better battery life and brighter screens than OLED displays, which is already significantly brighter and more efficient than older LCD technology.

Calls to the telephone numbers listed in Luxvue’s filing have gone unanswered, but we’ll update if the company replies. Now that it’s raised a pretty significant chunk of funding, I expect the company to be a lot more chatty soon.

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