Promotron to offer $100,000 to anyone who can hack their patented technology during 30 day challenge

MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–December 20, 2013–

Promotron Holdings Corporation, a Florida-based technology and licensing company, today announced the launch of its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to host a 30 day worldwide fraud challenge. Unlike magnetic stripe, RFID, hologram and so-called “nano” technologies, AtomIDTM is a first-of-its-kind particles-based solution with the ability to “apply/store” data, inexpensively, onto a large variety of surfaces and products; and with the unprecedented capability to “read” the data with a low-cost reader at the point-of-sale or at any time.

“With the U.S. patents in place, we are ready to launch a 30 day Worldwide Fraud Challenge, offering a $100,000 reward to anyone who can hack or duplicate an AtomIDTM card that resembles a typical credit card,” said Agustín Perez, inventor of the technology. The cards will carry a secret identification code and will be widely distributed. “AtomID is the only solution that can claim to be, unequivocally, 100 percent un-breachable.”

Promotron is inviting top laboratories, government agencies, universities, major security companies and anyone interested, to attempt to break into their secure data card. “It’s impossible and we can prove it,” points out Mr. Perez. “The campaign slogan ‘This Will Make History As Well,’ draws a parallel to the invention of the light bulb by Thomas Edison – a game changer indeed – we envision a world that’s free of credit card fraud, identity theft, pharmaceutical and all types of counterfeiting.”

About AtomIDTM

Based on quantum physics and inspired by string-theory science, the patented AtomIDTM technology revolves around the development of tiny three-dimensional atomic structures, carrying information called “Datablocks.” Any attempt to tamper or otherwise “open” a Datablock, renders the signal invalid. The impossibility of scanning and/or in any way duplicating the exact three-dimensional atomic structure of each Datablock, applied in any given item being protected, makes AtomIDTM the only solution that can make the 100 percent tamper-proof claim.

With the cost of identity theft, fraud and counterfeiting reaching epidemic proportions, governments, banks, luxury brands and pharmaceutical companies are just some of the targets identified by Promotron. “We can also apply the technology to cellular phones or any type of electronic device, and even online data transmissions can be delivered safely using AtomIDTM,” remarked Perez.

Live Web Conference Demonstration Planned

Promotron will host a live web conference demonstration of the technology on February 6, 2014, at 1 pm EST. The media, private and public entities, as well as the public are invited to register and participate at

About Promotron Holdings Corporation

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Promotron was founded in 2008 by Argentine inventor Agustín Pérez, Miguel Depalma and Luis Pilatti. Argentina has a rich history of innovations, including the first fingerprinting system for the identification of humans, by police inspector Juan Vucetich in 1892 – still in use today.

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