Plated has created the un-grocery-shopping-trip. The company received $5 million in its first round of funding today.

While there are plenty of companies that will deliver groceries to your door, and plenty more companies that will deliver fully-cooked healthy meals to your door, Plated delivers the ingredients and directions on how to do it for yourself.

Because, c’mon, you’re not so spoiled that you can’t actually cook the meal. But stepping outside to get the chicken thighs and green beans is really just out of the question.

I jest, as it actually sounds like a fun idea. Plated creates a weekly menu of seven chef-prepared meals. It includes a list of the ingredients it’s delivering, what you might need at home (think salt and pepper), and caloric information. You then choose the meal you’d like and the date it’s delivered.

The Wall Street Journal notes that Plated thinks of itself as an Apple marketplace for food (no pun intended). Picking out apps is like picking out your meals on Plated. Co-chief executive Nick Taranto told the Journal that Plated’s customer-base is predominately made of “dual-income families” mostly without children.

You pay either a la cart at $15 a “plate” or buy a monthly membership for $10 a month or an annual membership for $8 a year.

The funding was led by ff Venture Capital with participation from Lerer Ventures, Great Oaks Venture Capital, Founder Collective, and angels. Plated is headquartered in New York and says it delivers to “80 percent of the continental U.S.”