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It’s an exciting time to be a B2B marketer. More so than perhaps any other sector, B2B and technology advertisers benefit from high value-customer values and low incremental costs (thank you, software and technology!). This means that with some strategic marketing, a profitable customer relationship isn’t just within reach — it’s as cost-effective as ever.

According to Adam Berke, the president of retargeting platform AdRoll, both SaaS-based and subscription-based pricing models have the inherent benefit of providing predictable revenue streams that result in customer lifetime values (LTV) that are well above the revenue generated from the initial conversion. But that doesn’t mean it’s all smooth sailing.

“B2B decision-makers are notoriously hard to reach and often require a long sales cycle to educate, nurture, and eventually win as customers,” Berke said. “However, prospective customers that visit your site leave a trail of intent data, and retargeting is the most effective way to leverage that data to turn prospects into customers.”

San Francisco-based AdRoll works with over 2,000 B2B technology customers (accounting for a fifth of the company’s 10,000-plus customer base).

We spoke with three of today’s fastest-growing tech companies to hear about how they reach more customers with highly relevant targeted ads that win those high-quality conversions.

Pronq: The software you want right here right now

Pronq by HP is a new self-service web destination that lets you evaluate, try, and buy software for big data, performance monitoring, or application security. Pronq focuses on delivering enterprise products on-demand with easy setup and transparent pricing.

Pronq has a portfolio that caters to different stakeholders in the software lifecycle. It was important for the Pronq team to find a way to target the right audience. When it started looking for agencies, AdRoll stood out for its retargeting abilities and user-friendly platform plus support.

“We chose AdRoll because they were the only ones to offer a live dashboard and a self-service platform that would allow us to manage our campaigns and track our KPIs from one place. We work with a dedicated account manager to optimize and manage the campaigns at a very granular level,” said Rajan Sheth, a marketing manager at Pronq.

Zendesk: Make social ads relevant

Zendesk, a popular cloud-based customer-service platform that companies from around the world use, wanted a better way to reach (and build) its international client base using Facebook’s advertising platform.

That meant designing advertising campaigns that Zendesk could tailor around specific tracking needs–namely, reaching potential customers on Facebook. The company, with 40,000 customers worldwide, turned to AdRoll’s customer engagement team to help it accomplish this.

“Facebook has now become a crucial part of our advertising program. We’re able to reach prospects while they’re on Facebook by delivering the right message to the right people,” said Brad Morris, Zendesk’s director of marketing operations.

MaxCDN: Harness the power of customer data

Developer favorite MaxCDN is a full-service content delivery network (CDN). It turned to AdRoll when it needed a way to create segmented retargeting campaigns that could help keep track of visitors who’ve shown interest in its products and increase conversions at the same time.

By testing campaign messages on different audience segments, MaxCDN learned which of its marketing strategies were the most effective. Armed with that knowledge, it was an easy step to increase online sales.

“While every website benefits from faster content delivery, we market our products to categories where we see high adoption: large blogs, ad networks, online gaming companies, and software downloads,” says Kris Kayyal, a conversion rate optimizer at MaxCDN. “Our online sales have grown over 25 percent as a result of AdRoll campaigns, and it’s been amazing to see three times ROI [return on investment] across all our websites.”

Want to learn more about retargeting?

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