A bevy of young Singaporean startups and their chaperone, SPRING Singapore, a government agency promoting the city-state’s emerging technology scene, arrived in the Valley late Sunday for an extended meet and greet with local tech titans, startups, and venture capitalists.

And depending on how the five-day visit goes, they may take home much needed venture capital to help their fledgling startups grow. And ideas of course. And even advice. Hey, whatever works.

The thrust of the visit, which includes eight Singaporean-based startups and five incubators, is to dial in and get face time with some of the Valley’s biggest tech giants and startups, said a SPRING Singapore spokeswomen who declined to give her name.

Companies on the visitors’ wish list to visit include Google, Yammer, and Evernote, the spokeswomen said during a brief phone call late Monday.

The spokeswoman said each of the companies and incubators in the visiting delegation have each raised around $500,000 in previous funding rounds, and while here, hope to ink deals for more.

Some of the Singaporean startups and what they do, according to the spokeswoman and her press release:


Clault is going after their share of the billion-dollar-plus data security market. The company produces a cloud document-sharing tool that protects the security and integrity of documents while transitioning to the cloud or stored on mobile devices and also stored documents. Clault’s CEO, Marcus Tan, who procured his master degree in business from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, has spent his career in Asia, the U.S. and Europe.


Coursepad produces e-learning mobile educational and training apps that employers use to create and teach lessons suited to specific workforce audiences. Lessons are also streamed to a Facebook/Instagram-like news feed to members of that employment community. Through the Coursepad interface, employers can track lessons in real time and to monitor whether employees are making progress with the tutorials through video and text.


Next-5 provides interviewing and social recruitment solutions for employee talent acquisition. Companies using the platform can connect, engage, assess, and interview job applicants through online talent recruitment and management tools. This means that employers can pre-screen candidates through realtime videos and other media.


This startup makes a cloud marketing social platform that purports to drive sales by turning customers into loyal fans. Taggo turns Facebook fan pages into sales-generating fan clubs sponsored by payment brands. The technology uses a simple, patented method to add loyalty. Merchants get more fans, word of mouth advertising, and more repeat business — all free, sponsored by payment brands, banks, and credit card companies.

Other Singaporean companies in the delegation include Tocco Sudio, Mobikon, Red Dot Payment, and Crayon Data.