There’s a good chance the next Steve Jobs biopic, penned by Oscar-winning writer Aaron Sorkin, will be a much better film than that indie monstrosity starring Ashton Kutcher.

That’s especially the case now, as The Social Network director David Fincher, who worked together with Sorkin for that 2011 film, is apparently in early talks to direct the Jobs biopic, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

To be clear, “early talks” doesn’t mean Fincher will actually get the gig. But after the critical success of The Social Network, which was nominated for eight Oscars and walked away with three (including best adapted screenplay for Sorkin), I wouldn’t be surprised if Sony hopes to strike gold again.

The Sorkin-scripted biopic, Steve Jobs, is based on Walter Isaacson’s biography of the Apple founder from 2011. Sorkin has said that he plans to focus on three major scenes for the film, all of which are set backstage before a major Apple product launch.

“I think that what has captured the public’s attention about Steve Jobs … is that he made things,” Sorkin said during the D conference in in 2012. “I think nowadays we’re being told a lot that as Americans, our future is somehow in service. That the days of making cars and railroads and big buildings … that those days are over. Steve Jobs said no, they’re not. We still make things that people want. And we do that in Hollywood too.”