Ever been to a huge (and expensive) annual conference only to leave without making any valuable connections? Social conferencing startup Feathr is betting you have.

The startup has built a mobile app for conferences that will pluck social data from attendees and integrate it into a virtual business card that can be shared with others. It also uses a recommendation engine to predict the most relevant contacts you should meet while there, as well as a way to notify those people.

The Feathr mobile app.

Above: The Feathr mobile app.

Image Credit: via Feathr

Over all the app is focused on “quantifying the value of events,” which lends itself well to doing targeted advertising further down the line. The company also plans to generate revenue by building private-label apps for conference organizers for an extra fee.

And as of Friday, Feather is Austin, Texas’ latest startup after winning a “Relocate your company to Austin” competition at South by Southwest (SXSW). Feathr beat four other seasoned startups from all over the country in a unanimous decision by three of the city’s notable investors.

The win nets Feathr $200,000 worth of investment and services, including $25,000 each from Floodgate and Silverton Partners, a year of free storage space via Austin-based SpareFoot, a relocation package from Austin-based uShip, a 1-year FoundersCard membership, and more. The win also includes being accepted into Austin-based Capital Factory’s incubator program.

Feathr’s team of eight employees plans to begin migrating from their current home in Gainesville, Fla. to Austin over the next three months.

“Gainesville was a great place to get a service like ours started, but now its time to move to a city that has a much more active event scene,” said Feathr CEO and cofounder Aidan Augustin in a brief interview with VentureBeat. He added that, while Austin wasn’t the team’s first choice, the vibrant startup community and relocation package made the move something they couldn’t pass up.

Founded in 2012, Feathr has previously raised $200,000 in seed funding. Augustin said the company generated over $54,000 in revenue for Q1, and is set to become cash flow positive in the near future.