Isn’t it lovely how Amazon always seems to know so much about you? Lovely, creepy, and money-sucking?

Well, startup Ometria wants to make every online retailer a bit more like Amazon in that regard. Its products let ecommerce sites find you, understand you, and sell to you with real-time tools.

The London-based company has just raised $1.5 million from the likes of Huddle’s co-founders to achieve that goal and get more customers onboard.

From the official statement on the raise, a more thorough description of Ometria’s mission:

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Ometria’s platform helps online retailers grow quickly and profitably by attracting better customers and understanding their existing ones, and by providing both insights and actions relating to visitor behaviour and product performance. The real-time platform is aimed at mid-sized retailers who want to boost customer loyalty and maximise performance from their product range.

“Personalization and customer acquisition are the biggest challenges that online retailers face at the moment — and any that don’t solve these problems will struggle to survive,” said Ivan Mazour, founder and CEO of Ometria, in the press release.

“This is why our platform has been built from the ground up by retailers, for retailers — giving our clients the ability to … use customer lifetime value to determine which channels are sending the best customers and to get a clear picture on which products to merchandise to maximize profitability.”

Ometria was founded in London in February 2013 with staff in Moscow and elsewhere around the world.